Historicly, Chuck Norris has had little to do with sword-play, but whenever he does; he wins, even if it's not a competition.

Feats, Moves, and AbilitiesEdit

  • Chuck once used a tooth pick to cut an attacker into 6 equal pieces in one slash.
  • Zorro insigniates his initial "Z" at the scene of a fight with three quick strokes of his sword. Chuck Norris can inscribe his whole name "CHUCK NORRIS" in only one. Plus he doesn't even need a sword, nor a wall to mark the words on.
  • Only the most exceptional knights, ninjas, and samurai are able to cut an enemies sword with their own. Chuck Norris can accomplish this without a sword; just the edge of his hand.
  • When Chuck is struck by a sword, the weapon will most likely split in two.
  • Chuck Norris once pulled a single hair from his beard and skewered three men through the heart with it.