Norris flag chuck
Undoubtably one of the most coarse and rugged materials of all time, Chuck's beard holds many secrets. It serves not only by form but by function as well. Much like a cobra's hood it visualy serves to warn his enemies that they are in the presence of great danger.


  • There is no chin behind Chuck Norris's beard, only another fist.
  • It is so rough it can light an ice cube like a match
  • It is so tough that it deserves to be on Chuck Norris's face
  • It is the only facial hair ever to make Wolverine jealous
  • It's illegal in seven states.


  • For best fire starter (Wilderness Magazine)
  • For best fire extinguisher (Station 47)
  • For best knife sharpener (Wilderness Magazine)
  • For best body armour (NYPD special forces)
  • For best Actor (2004 Walker: Texas Ranger)
  • For most masculine kiss (Your Mom)
  • For destroying most Iraqui terrorest organizations (U.S. Army)
  • For looking "damn swell" (Oscar Wilde)
  • For being so sexy (Playgirl Magazine)
  • For cutting up the most razor blades in a day (Guinnes World Records 2007)